Laser's - what's working?

Has anyone used Red or Blue in the last few days? Last time I was in the shop 2 weeks ago, both were working poorly and I haven’t seen any posts about the status of these lasers and the new laser that was supposed to be up and running. I’m getting very concerned since holiday shows are around the corner. I don’t want to schedule time this week only to spend an hour each way travel and the machines not cutting my materials properly. Thanks.

They’ve been used regularly. Blue is fine. Red has periodically thrown an error partway through a job and would then need to be resumed. Red’s been having more frequent trouble with rastering and I’d recommend to avoid rastering on Red.

Blue has been moved to the new laser room and is running there.

We are currently focused on getting new lasers online.

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This thread and still where we’re keeping latest info on Red’s status – Red laser (running status)

Hey everybody, throwing a quick redirect for this thread to today’s apparent issue with the blue laser. The machine is working as expected, except there is no laser being produced. There is a thread detailing the issue that was posted today:

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!