Large CNC tool offset

This is just a fyi to the steward for the large CNC… It seems like the Tool 1 offset got set on the large CNC, and it caused me to scrap a part. I know how to reset it back to all zeros, so I did that. I don’t use tool offsets, so it wasn’t me :stuck_out_tongue: It was set to a strange number, ~.330something.

Since I’m doing the weird stuff, I checked all my code for G10 L1, L10 and L11, so I didn’t change it.

FYI, Danny just added a startup command so the tools always zero’ed out on startup, so this shouldn’t happen to anyone else.


Did you happen to have any other issues? I came in this morning I had a notification saying Linux CNC was terminated with an error. I’ve had this before and it was resolved by flipping one of the power strips as shown in this resolved trail [Resolved: see thread for workaround] LinuxCNC will not start. It’s not posted in the pictures below but to be clear the machine was on. Any help for tomorrow would be appreciated. @dannym @JoeN

It’s an error you get if there’s no communication. Usual cause is the box isn’t turned on, but I see you looked for that. The ethernet jack being pulled out is another likely prob.

Are the LEDs lit on the motor drives?

Turns out it didn’t like the init line that zeroed the tool table offsets. Fixed

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Okay good to know. Thanks for the quick response and fix @dannym!

I ran another job today, and as it was running I noticed my cuts were in the wrong spot and it’s been set again. Luckily I managed to salvage the piece.

Also there was a piece of foam scrap in front of the machine and foam caught in the dust shoe. IDK if that might help find the person, or if they got hit with the same problem.