Knit + Crochet Meetup?

Anyone here game to get together for some yarn time to work on projects in the company of others? Maybe once a month?
I’d be available on weekends or 6-9 on a Monday or Thursday.


Sounds awesome! If you end up hosting it, just make sure to add it to the wiki page here – Special Interest Groups - Asmbly Wiki – and get the final schedule info to @ashleyrlee so we can get it on the Asmbly Events calendar (Asmbly Events calendar 📆) and promote in the Mailchimp/socials/etc. Only major stipulation with meetups at Asmbly is to keep them on days that don’t conflict with other meetups so that makers of all mediums are able to attend every meetup if they so choose! :awesome:

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I can’t currently knit or crochet, but happy to come socialize

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