Introducing Sid! Our new Membership Coordinator :oh_yeah:

We had a really fantastic pool of applicants for the Membership Coordinator position who were all very compassionate about timeline of interviews being longer than any of us would have preferred due to family health issues I have been distracted by over the last month. While we were only able to hire one as MC, we’re hoping to engage several others at Asmbly in other ways :crossed_fingers: But now, without further adieu, I am thrilled to introduce everyone to our new Membership Coordinator — @Sid!

Sid Holderbach

Sid (they/them) is a performance artist with the heart of a maker and the brain of a cloud. They were lead metal fabricator at Arcosanti out in Arizona and a woodworker for KKDW. They are pumped about Asmbly’s mission to provide people with ideas, and the education and resources to see those ideas through. They are looking forward to connecting with members and deepening their understanding of what makes Asmbly special. Sid is especially excited to ask everyone how everything works - foremost the lasers and embroidery machine. Be sure to say hello to Sid when you see their smiling face around the space, particularly if you want to talk about experimental theatre, horror movies, or dogs!

Same as with our other Asmbly staff — Matt and David — @Sid will sometimes be at the shop working as MC and sometimes be in the shop as a member working on their own projects. You’re always welcome to say hi to them — just like any other member — regardless of what mode they are in, but if you need help on something membership related while they are at the shop as a member, ask when/how you can sync with them while they are on the clock. We want to be sure they have time at the space to pursue their own creative endeavors as well!


Welcome Sid!!

Welcome aboard, Sid!

Welcome aboard Sid! I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Welcome Sid! :metal:

Welcome Sid!

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