IMPORTANT! Member portal link change

We’re finally switching the member portal login over to the Asmbly name and unfortunately Neon doesn’t do redirects for this. The change will occur sometime in the next week (they weren’t very specific other than could take 3 days). The new URL will be Asmbly Makerspace.

I have both the old and new URL set up to be monitored here, so we should know pretty quickly when the change happens and will update the website to link to the new URL at that time. Email notification on this will be sent to active members through Neon as well.

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Just to confirm understanding, @valerie: We shouldn’t switch over to new URL you just posted quite yet, correct? But sometime in the next week, Neon will switch it over?

Will the old portal URL stop working simultaneously with the new URL activating?

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correct on both counts. We’ll keep the link on the website updated; you’ll only need to worry about bookmarks directly into Neon.