IMPORTANT! Known system email link issue - Workaround enclosed

We found out this week that there are issues with links in Neon system emails (membership purchase/renewal, event registration confirmations, etc). Neon support has been contacted and made aware this is a major issue for us. No response yet, but hoping we will hear back soon… :crossed_fingers:


This issue relates to this – IMPORTANT! Member portal link change

Links we put in Neon system emails get wrapped in Neon generated URLs with tracking which allows us to see whether a message has been read. It appears they did not get us fully migrated in the org id change from atxhs → asmbly and the tracking URL is populating with atxhs in it.


If you come across this issue, take a look at the URL after you have clicked it. You can either replace the two occurrences of “atxhs” in the URL, or grab the value for targetUrl to proceed to the link directly. Here’s an example:

Questions? Workaround not working? Further issues or broken links outside of Neon emails? Please post here and let us know!

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Also, the target URL in this particular example is indeed a bad one. This example was from the membership failed renewal email and is being updated to reflect the new asmbly portal login. The workaround method shown is generally sound though.

Just got a followup from Neon saying they should have all system emails fixed to where this problem no longer occurs. If you do come across it in any emails sent today onward, please forward them to me so I can bug them again (