How to get access to Skedda

This is the same message that has been going out in our semi-monthly newsletters through Mailchimp since May 29th, but posting it here as well for quick reference.

Getting access to our private Skedda venue is currently a 3 step process which you have likely already completed a few of the steps. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Join our Discourse (this!) at

  2. Request to join the hax0r group – current dues-paying members only

  3. Once a @mod has blessed you (typically within 24 hours), check out the group message titled Skedda invite link for a registration link. Use this link to create your Skedda account and schedule away!

Also note that in that Skedda message there is a private video walk thru to help orient you (see this comment here). This video has private information so we’re only sharing it in members only spaces (hence the lack of direct link here).

We have plans to shift this to a more automated process within the next month. I’ll update this post to reflect the new process when it shifts (so if you still see this message as is, that means it hasn’t shifted yet :slight_smile: ).


Side note, if you aren’t signed up to receive our email updates, you can sign up here

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