Help with AmplifyAustin "I Live Here I Give Here" Fundraising

I Live Here I Give Here (ILHIGH) is right around the corner and we really want to do this one right! We will need some volunteer help to achieve that.

If you aren’t familiar with it, ILHIGH is a big annual fundraiser put on by Amplify Austin (not the credit union :joy:). It’s a 24 hour giving event complete with giving prizes some of which have already begun (early giving started yesterday). The main event will kick off at 6:00 PM on March 2nd this year (main website with countdown here). Many companies provide matching donations, so be sure to check if your employer is one of those and follow their instructions to be sure your donation makes the biggest impact possible. Donation drives like this are what helps us bring in exciting new equipment like the 12" jointer, new dust collector, etc.

Volunteer Help Needed

  1. :white_check_mark: [COMPLETE] Developing a game plan – We’ll share more details about our game plan in the member meeting on 2/2 as well as on Discourse and email.
    Amplify Austin is hosting a a webinar workshop next Wednesday 1/26 from 10a-4p to help people develop strategies for success. The session has some speakers and panelists as well as breakout working sessions. It would be really awesome to have at least one or two people attend who can help us figure out our overall strategy. If you’re interested in helping with this, you can see more info and register here.

  2. :white_check_mark: [COMPLETE] Video submission to air during event@Devmani helped get some updated footage that I used to make this new version of our promo video – Asmbly - Where Austinites go to Create - YouTube. This has been submitted to Amplify Austin
    Amplify Austin will be hosting a livestream with celebrities during the 24 hr event. Submissions can be between 30 sec - 2 min and must be submitted by 1/28, details here. I’m happy to help collaborate on this one and do the video editing.

  3. :white_check_mark: [COMPLETE] Make our nonprofit profile – Our profile now has some stuff in it, but it could use some sprucing up. We need to fill it up with info about our org and why people should care/want to give to Asmbly! *We’ll also be doing peer to peer fundraising competitions with incentives for meeting certain goals, so get your personal stories ready for your individual fundraiser page! Details here :awesome:

  4. :heavy_minus_sign: [COMPLETE-ish] Content creation – I have made some content with the design stuff ILHIGH provides. Check out this post for a poster that can be customized for individual fundraisers – Earn free membership! :awesome: - #7 by valerie. Happy to have more content, so if anyone is interested this is still something more people can contribute to.
    We’ll want to have plenty of content for social media to help drive the event. One thing I learned from @Keiarra from the Giving Tuesday event last year is that we should have had a Facebook event going, so we have that here – be sure to RSVP if you haven’t already!
    I think it’d be really great to get a bunch of Asmbly maker profiles lined up ready to go for the day of. If anyone is interested in championing that or has other ideas for posts that would be good, this is a great way to help that can be bitten off in small chunks here and there over the next month +. ILHIGH also provided lots of branded templates for us to use for content creation in Canva here.

Key Amplify Dates and Deadlines

  • Early Giving Opens : January 18, 2022
  • I Live Here I Give Here Workshop : January 26, 2022
  • Amplify LIVE Video Submission Due : January 28, 2022
  • Nonprofit Profiles Completion Deadline: February 11, 2022
  • Amplify Austin Day : March 2-3, 2022

Is there a basic framework of how we want the narrative to be delivered? Is it clean cut and bullet pointed or do we tell a story of how the space transitioned from a hacker space into a maker space?

I have a feeling the webinar might give some more insights on that, but they do have a lot of info on it available already. These are the items in our profile that need completing:

This page has more info on each of them (we did #2 and #4 already). And this page goes into depth on the building a story part which is the biggest most important piece.

Not gonna lie, I was only thinking about the “story” part and didn’t even consider the other pieces lol

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I don’t think we need to talk about where we’ve come from much - I wouldn’t mention ATXHS at all. Just say Asmbly runs a community workshop with so many members blah blah.

Don’t want the " Started as a scrappy HackerSpace created from the love of tinkering and salvaging into a growing MakerSpace that looks to empower members with the knowledge that with the proper tools and time that anyone can go from concept to reality." story? People love a growth arc lol

hm. fair point. I’m thinking “the shop used to be for-profit but that didn’t work out” isn’t a great argument, but that’s why I’m not writing the story :slight_smile:

lol no doubt, I guess it’s my training in psychological operations in the army taking over with my “story” lol.


I decided to take tomorrow off from work for the webinar and some other stuff. Seems like the webinar will be really helpful and worth the time. Here’s the agenda if anyone wants to join me for any of it. I can share the Zoom link with you!

The webinar today was really informative and gave us a good plan for our approach to this fundraiser! @Devmani get ready to write YOUR Asmbly story because we’ve got some fun incentives for member peer to peer fundraising that we’re going to do. Stay tuned for more info there!

They also gave us lots of tools for content creation here, so anyone who is interested in that (especially those already familiar with Canva) have a really nice foundation to work from! :awesome:

Also also, the first post has been updated on here, just FYI.