Help mill wood for the MC desk! 🪵

First off, please see this post for extra details/context here – Many ways to help with the MC desk!

In order to make good use of materials we have on hand, we’re making the desktop, waterfall leg, and shelf out of hardwoods a former member donated to the space. These are all fairly well dimensioned, but need a bit of milling work to get them ready for final cuts and glue up. We need these boards to be milled with straight, parallel edges and all dimensioned to the same thickness (they are pretty close already) taking off as little as possible. These are S2, sometimes S3 boards, so no planing is needed, just drum sanding should do.

Here is a rough layout of the boards to give an idea of what the end result will look like:

As you can see, there is a lot more work beyond milling to prepare them for the glue up, but most important first step is getting them squared and smooth. You can find the boards in the left side of loft storage up against the wall, as shown below.

Each board has been labeled with a number corresponding to the layout above. Whatever side that sticker is on is the top side that will be shown, so most important that side looks good. Board #1 (the widest maple board) has a bit of live edge in one corner of the board – we need to keep that edge as is for overall depth purposes. We’re aiming for minimum 30" desk depth which I believe gives us 2" of milling room across these boards. #10 and #13 in the layout photo are cut offs from other pieces (that’s why their numbers are colored differently). Also, please be sure to put the stickers back on the board on the same side so that the next steps are easier.

Want to help? :awesome:

Post here or reach out to @mkmiller6!

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