Help glue up table top for MC desk

First off, please see this post for extra details/context here – Many ways to help with the MC desk!

As you can see from this rough layout below, we’ve got a pretty big, somewhat complicated glue up to do for the new MC desk.

Here’s another view from a digital layout perspective:

There has been discussion of half lap for the endgrain joints, but maybe Dominos would be just as good and simpler? Some of these boards actually match up pretty perfectly with their grain so less overlap would be good for that too.

Once we have the wood milled down (Help mill wood for the MC desk! 🪵), we’ll be able to cut these pieces to their final sizes and then do this glue up. We’re aiming for minimum 30" desk depth which I believe gives us 2" of milling room across these boards.

I’m planning to help on this, but it would be really awesome to have some folks experienced with these kind of glue ups assisting with their expertise. :awesome: :pray: