Have you seen my storage?

My storage has come up missing…hopefully, someone has some leads :mag_right:
I have reached out to facilities, but also wanted to reach out to the community for quicker feedback.

What’s the mystery?
My long-term storage upstairs in the woodshop was sparkly clean, but empty.

  • It was last seen on Wednesday morning.
  • Today, the storage is empty.
  • It was removed within the last 3 days
  • It’s on the right side, near the corner

TBH, my space never changes and has looked the same for nearly a year…I could see where it might look abandoned, :see_no_evil: so maybe it was more of a mystery to other people? That was my first thought :thinking:

Have you tried the obvious?
Yes :+1:

  1. I checked around the building for another new space.
  2. I looked around in case the long-term storage was moved, but I didn’t see anything. :flushed:
  3. I checked messaging in discourse/email for any announcements I could have missed, but I haven’t come across any news.

It collects a lot of sawdust :carpentry_saw: Someone may have taken it to clean it, maybe :sponge: :broom:

Can you describe it?
It was in the long-term storage upstairs :ladder:
WHITE IKEA shelving with slider buckets - super saw-dusty
Birch boards behind it and acrylic sheet. :woodwork:
Storage contained drill bits, grey Adidas shoes, safety glasses, wood, pieces behind, acrylic, cork boards, sublimation paper and a Boos block. :hocho:

Please let me know if you have seen it. Thanks!!

Does this thread give you any insight?

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Oh my goodness, it does!!! Really eye opening that my discourse search skills are so lacking. Thank

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