Loft Storage Assignments - Read if you have any items in the loft

If you have anything stored in the loft area, this post is for you.

We recently did an audit of spots in the loft storage area, and we have some that can’t be reconciled with payments. If any of the items in the attached pictures are yours, let us know by Sunday, Nov. 12th or they will be put in the scrap cart. If you have already been in touch with us about your spot, you’re all set.

As a reminder - spots in the loft storage area are paid. You must email or talk to a staff member to get an assigned spot before putting items in loft storage.


Bumping this back up. We’ve only heard from 1 person so far.

These items are being moved today. If you’re wondering where your stuff went, it will be locked in the back for another week or so. After that, it will be put in the scrap cart.

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Hello! The storage is mine! I was there today and noticed it was missing. My spot was paid for one year in January.
Thank you!!!

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