Gauging interest in another hand plane class

Last time I taught a hand plane class a few people expressed regret that they weren’t able to join.

I’m starting to feel good enough post-shoulder-surgery to come back to the shop, and thought I’d ask if there’s any interest now in such a class.

We’d cover different types of planes, scrapers, and spokeshaves; sharpening, setup, adjustment and use. I have enough planes to go around for a class of 3 or 4 but I can also help set up and fix up any old planes you have lying around.


I’m in

I’d sign up.

I’d be down for that as well :+1:

Definitely, interested. Please allow ample headsup for scheduling.

That’s a minyan.

How does Sunday, Sept. 5, 11am-1pm, sound?

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Works for me.

Tagging @wynd to make sure he sees this. You can also email directly once you have the date and time figured out @gmossessian -

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Thanks for the heads up!

@gmossessian send me a message when you’re 100% on the dates and times and I’ll get it in Neon.


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@TravisGood and @LoboFPV , does that time work for you? I see replies from Charlie and Cain.

(Thank you Valerie and Scott for the assistance!)

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Works for me.

Yes I think so.

Great, I’ll message Scott and get it set up.

Price will be the minimum that ASMBLY will allow me to set, with all of it going to ASMBLY itself if I’m still allowed to do that.

I’m interested.

Ok everyone, class is live! Check it out and register here: Hand Plane Class

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Thank you Scott!

@gmossessian, any chance we could get a second one of these on the schedule for late September? With the Texas Woodworking Festival event this weekend, we’re expecting a lot of extra traffic to the website and space and having more classes on the schedule will be really important for that.

@valerie sure, glad to. It would have to be after the 19th, I’ll be out of town.

Looking forward to the festival!

Sorry, that could’ve been more helpful. How about Sunday the 26th?

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Haha, that’s perfect. Thank you @gmossessian! We’ll add that date to the schedule. Same time for that one?

Yes’m, 11am, right after the woodshop safety class.

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