Field Trip! Harvest Lumber Saturday July 22 11AM

Our friends at Harvest Lumber have invited us for a tour of their business & facility.

We’ll be meeting Saturday July 22 at 11am

Harvest Lumber Company is a sustainable sawmill and natural-edge wood retailer selling high-quality lumber harvested from felled trees in Austin’s urban area.

641 Tillery St, Austin, TX 78702

On Saturdays in the lot in front of Harvest Lumber there are vendors and food trucks in a market style.

The tour and meet & greet will not take long, so arrive early :slight_smile:

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The folks at Harvest Lumber are so wonderful!!! They have some really cool machinery for cutting down trees and turning them into the beautiful slabs you see in their shop. Excited for this field trip! :awesome: :wood: Thanks for setting this up @ashleyrlee!


Fun! I will try to come! If anyone has been before would you say this trip is kid friendly or no?

This is the same day as Classic Games Fest… :sob:

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I’d say so. Would definitely want to hold her for any close up looking at machinery though.

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Sounds cool…I will plan to be there

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Mañana y’all


Harvest Lumber is a cool place.
Thank you Kris Burns for showing us around.


This was a fun field trip. It was great to see so many other members there. Thank you for arranging!

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