Facebook Event for Asmbly Maker Market! :awesome:

If you’re into the Facebook thing, be sure to check out our event for the Asmbly Maker Market!

We’ll be highlighting vendors and the event on the various social media platforms. Even if you know you’re traveling and can’t make it, it still helps a lot with visibility if you mark yourself as “interested”.


@valerie I want to apply to be a vendor, but I don’t yet have my tax ID (submitted but waiting). Should I wait until I have it to apply or can I enter “TBD” in the application? A little worried I might not get it before the Nov 1 deadline.

Ditto to Chris. I applied, should get it before Dec 10, but maybe not before Nov 1

You can go ahead and apply without a tax ID, no problem! If you forward your confirmation of tax ID application to makermarket@asmbly.org, we can secure your spot with that.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, @Allzman made a really great walk thru to help with the sales tax ID process here – How to Register for a Sales Tax Permit in Texas.pdf - Google Drive.

I don’t think I got a confirmation email, and had already submitted the tax ID form before I asked the question so I also don’t have a screenshot or anything. :frowning:

OK no worries. You should hear back from them before too long. Working on emails to applicants this morning so you should hear from us today!