Drill Press: Laser, Base

I tried to use the laser cross-hairs on the new wood-shop drill press about a month back, but they were off. Yesterday, I spent some time trying to align them.

The vertical alignment of the lasers is what allows the crosshairs to work regardless of the height of the piece or the position of the table. It is quite tricky to get perfect. I got close, I think. Once that’s done, arranging the location where the lasers cross is easier.

What I’d like to learn is how stable this is. If vibrations and regular use are going to throw this off in a week or so, then it’s not worth fussing with. But if the vertical alignment can persist for weeks, then getting it exactly right and maintaining it might be worthwhile (assuming anyone other than me will use them). I’ll check it in a week or so. In the meantime, I put tape over the screws controlling the vertical alignment to discourage their use. The screws controlling the crossing position are still accessible.

(I also left a printout of the section of the manual on aligning the laser in the nearby drawer where the table inserts are.)

Another drill press item: I created a plate that fits the slots in the base of the drill press to cover them. However, if your project does require the creation of a bunch of hard to reach sawdust for some reason, it lifts out easily.


Thank you for doing this @mgmoore! It is really nice when those laser alignment lights actually work and blocking those slots will really help keep this clean.