Door access. when will we get approved

When will we get the new access to the doors? I field out the online papers.

Have you taken the safety tour, filled out the online waiver, and paid for the membership? If you’ve taken all those steps already, then you should get an email for OpenPath registration in a matter of minutes or hours. If not, maybe try emailing for more help. @valerie @Jon

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@marmel8641 I don’t see a Neon account for you. Looks like you’re still paying in Freshbooks.

There have been email and Discourse announcements about switching to Neon; This is a recent one: Neon required for access beginning 9/1/21

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Yall are the ones taken the payments out automatically. I been here around 2 years so I should have an account. my dues come out each month. I’m not familiar with what needs to be done so please let me know. I work 6pm to 6am and have a very difficult time getting this done on regular time schedules

I only get to come up to ATX maybe 10 a year so I dont keep up with the YO post site on a daily basis.

Ok the Neon account is setup. I just paid this months and now paying again thru this new account. Who need to delete the old account? And when will I get access

I submitted the forms to receive access to the new door lock system but have not yet received an email regarding my submission. Since there is currently no other way to access the shop I’ve been unable to get in unless someone else is around. Is there a way to confirm my forms were submitted properly or access using the old keys at the moment?

From @Jon in READ ME - Shop Access Update - OpenPath