Do we have leatherworkers?

Hey there, Textiles crew. Coming over from the woodshop and lasers to see if I can borrow any of y’all’s expertise in leatherworking.

I recently came into a vintage archery bracer with an old bow I purchased, and while the leather is in great shape, the elastic that’s sewn into it has degraded over 50+ years.

But hey, I know a group of talented, ambitious makers who might be able to help out with that. Is there anybody here who could help me replace the elastic straps and give this bracer new life? I’d rather pay someone here for their time and talents than outsource it somewhere else, but I’ll take recommendations for brick and mortar leatherworkers in town who might be willing to take it on, too.

I’ll drop a couple pictures below for context.

You are so close to when we have a leather working station up and running in textiles. Soon! The table should be here next week. That said, you need the expertise of some of our skilled folks - notably I’m going to tag @Sarah @Branislav and @rusty , because while our new tools are great, they aren’t exactly what is needed for this project.


Also, info on our new tools in this post

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Hey! I’d take.this on. Feel free to DM me to find a time after this weekend - better yet, come say Hi at the Maker’s Market - and we can set up a time to discuss.


Right on! I will do my best to swing by the Maker Market if not tomorrow afternoon, then Sunday. I’ve got a couple other events going on this weekend, so if I end up not being able to make it, I’ll drop you a DM and we can chat. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

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