New! Leather working tool annoucement!

Asmbly has recently acquired some tools for a new leather working area in the textiles shop, and I wanted to let everyone know what the tools are so that members can start to think about how they might use these in their projects.

To start, we have focused on getting tools that a leather worker might not have in their own kit, but can make the process faster or more fun. These tools will have their own dedicated space in textiles after the middle of November.

  1. Skiving machine
  2. Edging and creasing machine
  3. Leather splitter
  4. Burnishing machine
  5. Setter *
  • Snap setter dies
    • SN127B50 (line 20)
    • SN10B11 (S-Spring)
    • SN15B51 (line 24)
  • Rivet dies
    • 7 mm cap rivets
  1. Pricking irons - 4.5mm spacing, 2 and 8 tooth
  2. Poundo board

Note(*) - our setter is made by Buckleguy. We have acquired a few dies of some popular sizes. But it’s also possible you might need to acquire your own dies based on your project needs. If you get your own dies, you will want the BG standard tool attachment

Here are the links to other dies that would fit our setter

Snap setter dies

Rivet dies

Grommet setter dies

Hole punch dies

Magnet settle dies

This space will be set up in mid-November, and look forward to what you all make!


Exciting! Is there a class required to use any of these?

Thank you, Stephannie! I’m really excited to use these :smiley:

I’m going to hold off on figuring out what class, orientations, or open houses we might want to offer until we get the space set up. But thanks for bringing it up @JohnWickham !

If you are already experienced with leather-working, I would love to know who you are. Shoot me a DM to share more information. I’d love to get our experienced members lined up with folks who are interested in learning

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Hi Steph, I’ve got these SS rivets and wondering if you know the capacity of the setter in terms of pressure. I’m seeting these with just a hammer and a light hammer but a setter would be more reliable and might not damage the head.


@David78737 - it is certainly my hope that the setter will help your projects proceed more reliably! Its a big bulky piece of cast iron

If you want to read more about the specific setter we’ve gotten, you can check out the site BG Setter Hand/Foot Press **Requires Setter Die w/screw** -

Additionally - the site can probably help you determine if the dies we’ve already gotten will work for your project, or if you need to acquire something different.