Camper Van Conversion SIG!

Jon Imeson is hosting our FIRST (exciting!) Van Life SIG

He’ll be talking about his process and showing off his vehicle here at Asmbly.

Meet in the MPR and take a field trip to the parking lot

Tagging some folks who have previously expressed interest
@KnightOfNih @LoboFPV @Maxb45678 @cbrtrk @0xKruzr @jonfraser @Vicad88


I’ll try to make it. Coincidentally I’ll be fiberglassing and hopefully installing my diy high top conversion on my van 13-16th. If all goes exceptionally well maybe I’ll have it to a point where I can bring it to show as well. If not I may be wanting a break from it for an hour or two at least

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That would be great! :smiley:

Tangential, but I’m currently working on a solar-electric pontoon boat build I’ll probably have some questions about that I’ll be bringing with me. (the questions, not the boat :wink: )

side note: if we want to work on something like a van, camper, etc. – are we okay having it in the parking lot and working on it there provided we’re not keeping it there overnight?

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Yep, more than welcome as long as it leaves at the end of the day!

This also excludes any work that might (even if it’s just a tiny chance) disable the vehicle.


I’m interested in this but rapidly getting overcommitted. If someone sends a reminder out, please include me, and I’ll try to make it.

Just saw this on Reddit: Reddit - Dive into anything

Tools these days are astounding.

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Hey Y’all this date has MOVED by one day to TUESDAY MAY 16


Thanks for the update. My fiberglass resin shipment got delayed so unfortunately I won’t be bringing a newly high topped van to the meetup. However this does mean I’m no longer busy that day. So see y’all Tuesday. Plus now I have some incentive to clean my van a bit to make it more presentable to everyone!

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Reminder to everyone that this is taking place tomorrow, Tuesday at Asmbly at 6:30

Hope to see you there!


@jimeson thanks for hosting today!

Great turn out!


Quadrobee looks interesting! Thanks for sharing that!

Have you played with Polycam? ‎Polycam - LiDAR & 3D Scanner on the App Store

I just installed a few of these and missed that one. Will add it!

Polycam is always fun for a group 3D selfie. We live in interesting times.

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Hey all! Please vote on the date for the next Camper Van Conversion SIG

  • Tuesday June 27
  • Wednesday June 28

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Note: The sew social is on the 28th


@Maxb45678 @0xKruzr @KnightOfNih @LoboFPV @cbrtrk @jonfraser @Vicad88 @csader

Thanks for tagging me on this. Not a camper van, but I do have an Airstream - does that count enough to join? :laughing:


For sure please do!

Since the last meetup I’ve installed a diy fiberglass and wood high top conversion. And may or may not have a vent fan and solar panels installed by then. I’ll be there whichever day we choose to answer any questions about my build as well as share any resources I can to help towards other people’s builds. Hope to see you folks there. If you can’t make it feel free to message me with any questions.