Camper Van Conversion SIG!

Matthew is actually this month’s host!

samesies. plus I need boat construction advice. [waves hand] what’s a little road or lake between friends?

It’s looking like Tuesday. Should we shoot for 6:30 again?

Sounds good everyone!

Some advice I came across for people renovating Airstream trailers: Woodworking Tricks You'll Actually Use || Up Your Woodworking Skills - YouTube


Let’s make sure it’s on the Asmbly events calendar! It is not currently.

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where are we doing this? just at the space?

Yes :slight_smile:

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crud, today is turning out to be terrible for me time-wise :sob: how late do these usually go?

I can’t speak to this one specifically, but it sort of varies time to time based on how many folks are there, and how many tangents and deep dives happen. We can be an enthusiastic bunch, but the heat might be melting everyone’s brains

When do you think you might be able to make it? I don’t really have any plans and could probably hang around a bit

@Maxb45678 The topper looks awesome. Thanks for the inspiration and direction on SOK brand Lithium iron phosphate batteries.

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this does look great!

@0xKruzr Things seem to go about two hours.
#Vanlife (one word lol) Kicked back talking batteries nice.


I think Ethan shared some of Bourbon Moth’s tricks and tips from his Airstream remodel, he’s also running a series currently that folks might enjoy:

Main take away for me has been around scribing techniques…so…much…scribing when the walls aren’t straight.

No I posted his advice snippet about renovating Airstreams which was: Don’t do it! :grinning:

In that video, he also stuffs a piece of Domino’s pizza into the hole made by a Domino jointer. :grinning:

(There is actually good advice in that video too.)

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Hey everyone! I’m Matt! I’m new! I’m converting a bus!

Sad to see I missed the latest meetup, but I’m happy I found all this forum. Can’t wait to ask y’all how electricity works! Hope to be at the next one.

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Hi Matt, Electricity works great! Welcome to ASMBLY and the Vanlife SIG. Can’t wait to see your bus.

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Hopefully that got your attention, please let me know if this Camper Van Conversion SIG can be assigned a reoccurring date each month. It’s had a great turn-out these last two months!

Happy to hear from everyone on this:

  • The last Tuesday of the month
  • Wildcard depending on host’s availability
  • Other weekday of the month

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