Books and Magazines seeking new home

We’re decommissioning the little library in the lounge. Please take as many books and magazines as you’d like! We’ll take whatevers left to donations on 6/26.

Here are some pics to give you an idea of the titles that are currently there. It’s all first come first serve and take as many as you’d like!

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I would probably keep any of the first aid books, the CRC Handbook, and anything directly related to woodworking.

I didn’t see anything related to machining. If we have a “Machinery’s Handbook” somewhere, we should keep that.

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By all means, take anything you want. We won’t be keeping any of it at the space anymore. There are plenty of online references for things that need to be looked up and by and large these literatures are not used and simply clutter the space.

We could move some of the wood working books to the shop. I think one of the drawers by the miter saw is empty. Folks might be more inclined to use them being nearer the workshop?

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Just bumping this thread as the deadline to take what you want is approaching. If there are good reference books for any of the shop areas and we haven’t found the right new home for them, they can be temporarily moved to the small book shelf on the opposite wall by the vinyl cutter.