Bar Bender Tool

Hello Members,

I saw a bar bending tool that is in the welding fab area. It isn’t bolted down to anything and I wanted to know how we could get that tool mounted to the ground so that way it can be used. I’m trying to bend 1/4 steel rod and it isn’t that easy to do without something like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.


Clamp it to the welding table

That doesn’t sound safe. Is it?

It think I will add a chunk of metal to the table legs so it is easier to clamp the bender to a corner of the table

I will measure the corner of the table top to find a chunk of square pipe to weld in place. If someone who wants some welding practice. Let me know?

I’d like to see this go down and learn. Would you happen to be available to to this later today at about 6p?

I have a meeting till 8 pm tonight. I can weld it tomorrow afternoon or Wed?

i have a rotary hammer and some stout concrete anchors if you want to mount it to concrete floor as an alternative.

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That could work. I have some anchors that are set in the ground and uses bolts to hold the bender. If we want to move it. This anchor would be inset in the ground not causing a trip hazard.

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That’s better than bolts sticking out, for sure.


I can drop off the anchors and set tool if you want to drop some anchors in the ground?

What does an anchor look like? Is this easy to setup? Safe?

It would be easy. The bender would be semi-permanently attached to the floor. You wouldn’t have to think about it.

@deathraylabs I lent out my hammer drill. Let me know if you can meet at 6pm tomorrow? Let’s install it

Ok this sounds great. My back and neck are no longer sore or in pain. I’ve got church tomorrow and a show Thursday night. How about Sat morning or Sunday morning? Which section should I book?

I would book the metal shop

Ok great and thank you. Which day would work best for you?

Sorry, just seeing this. are we talking today (wed) to install? I’m good whenever, whether today tomorrow, but can’t do yesterday.

Sorry I meant today (wed) 6pm. Thanks again

Yeah, I can make it at 6pm.

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This is my rotary hammer. I have a half inch bit that came with it (ie in the dumpster I pulled it out of) but don’t have any others.

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