Bar Bender Tool

Not today. I’m not available until Saturday or Sunday. How would this tool be used to mount the bar bender? I’m clueless as to how this all works.

@deathraylabs and I are going to drill and install the bender to the floor. You don’t need to be here. When you are ready to use the bender. Book the metal shop

This is the raddest thing ever. Thank you so so much! I’m booking something for Sat morning!

Thank you to @deathraylabs for helping. His hammer drill made quick work.

I got 3 bolts installed. I will bring longer bolts to correctly install it tomorrow.

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The bender has been installed and is ready to go.

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Here is a video to help with using the bender. Youtube If you want different dies. You can take the metal lathe class. The pipe bender is setup bend solid material. If you want to bend pipe. You would need a die that has the outside curve of the pipe radius.

This is beyond helpful!

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I arrived Saturday morning to see that there was a “Defective” sticker on there. What is missing?

I forgot to remove the sticker. It should be good interms of the floor install. I don’t know about parts list for the bender.

Well there is a missing part to it. It’s the other part that helps the metal stay in place while bending it. Does anyone know who the owner is?

Do you have a pic of the missing part?

Also I don’t remember who owns it

manual is the part H on page 3?

The part that is missing is called a Stop Block and the Stop Block pin. I’m going to try to see if Harbor Freight carries them.

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Harbor Freight doesn’t carry the part. I’m having trouble finding them online. Would it be alright if I buy one and we replace the one that is there?

If you haven’t yet tried, it could be worth calling customer service in the manual to see if they carry it before buying the whole rig new.


On it! Thanks!

I called Harbor Freight about parts and found there was a long lead time. I think it was 10 weeks. I ended up making the parts myself. If you get the dimensions of the stop block and pin. I can have my small army make it. They need something to do. If you can’t get the parts in a reasonable timeline.

I’m going to be at ATX tomorrow morning to bend some 3/8” brass with a handheld torch and my mini bar bender. If you’re around let me know. 9-12 is my time. I got slammed today and didn’t end up calling them but I’ll give them a ring on Monday. Would love to get things moving on that bar bender. I have a pair of tables that a buyer is waiting for.

I will be in the autobay working

We might be better buying a new one. Craigslist

We are missing the pin, square block, and double wedge.

I went by Harbor Freight to measure the square block. It was not on the display. I also realize we are missing the wedge. I don’t have the measurements for the wedge either. I couldn’t give you a reasonable timeline since they would have to be manufactured.