Aquaponics Lobby Renovations

The renovations on the lobby housing the Aquaponics area have begun. The carpet is being replaced with flooring similar to the laser room. A upcoming task is removing the current carpet in that lobby, and the front entrance lobby. I’ll be in Wed to work on this and other task. If you’re available to help with this Wed, or even before, I’d love and appreciate the help. Thanks.


Thanks so much for heading this up! It’s going to look awesome!! :star_struck:

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I was not contacted about the renovations, so I’m assuming there is nothing needed on my end regarding the aquaponics sytems for these renovations.

If yall have any questions about the aquaponics, or need my involvement please let me know.

From what I understand the hardwood floor will replace the carpet in the front lobby one room at a time extending out from the laser room. I believe we can house the fish in temporary tanks setup using 55 gallon barrels. They will be incorporated into the existing system so the closed loop still circulated the water properly. We were hoping to be able to move the main tank so the floor can be finished all the way to the edge. A small leak at the pipe fittings may also be repaired at this time.

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Maybe this will also be an opportunity to do a deep clean on the tank from the inside? Assuming it will get drained to move.

That is part of the plan.

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Also included is new led lights in the tank amd a fish cam.


a fish cam would be awesome it was part of my original hope,

the tank is designed to be able to be moved via a standard pallet jack if you half drain the water.

And if you are doing it 1 room at a time, the tank can be moved to the sump side with the tubing routed differently.

Moving the grow bed becomes much more involved and some planning will be needed

Do we have access to someone’s pallet jack for the weekend? : )
I have a van and could easily haul it.

You have access to Asmbly’s pallet jack. It’s probably under the new dust collector at the moment, unless it was used to move the new laser. No van required :slight_smile:

Edit: I was surprised to learn when we got the jointer that we had a pallet jack - it’d been buried at the bottom of a long-term storage pile for as long as I’ve been a member.

The fish tank is empty and on the pallet jack.


It started flooding

?!?!??!?! What do you mean it started flooding? How bad was it?

Why didn’t anybody call me?

If yall are needing me on site just let me know

The fish were moved into a temporary tank that was filled with water. An accidental siphon situation happened, and caused water to leak out. Luckily members on site stopped the siphon, and cleaned up the mess.
It was a very immediate problem, and handled as best as could. Everything seems stable now.

@Tookys not sure if you saw the other post with more flooding info but here it is Aquaponics - New Life - #3 by iisword

OK thank you for the update

Because you live in San Antonio and this was an emergency address right now situation. Eric had been working on the tank that day and came right back immediately to assist.

@Tookys Does the sump tank separate easily from the planter bed? Are they two pieces?

We will soon need to move the rest of the aquaponic system to finish the floor. I’ve been cleaning the gravel by taking it home two buckets at a time. I think I’ll wait to replace the clean gravel until after moving the whole setup. In the meantime I’ll transfer the plants to gravel-in-a-pot that is just sitting in the planter bed. And the plant(s) that can’t be easily moved I’ll trap in the corner with some screen like the aloe and possibly the basil. I’m also planning on tying up the aloe well because it will not have the support of the window when moved.

BTW, The cotton plant made some more cotton. I’m going to propagate the seeds as I find the Genus Gossypium kind of neat. I’ll save the cotton for you.


@Tookys the electricals are currently powered off by tripping the GFI outlets, the area is too wet to have 120VAC. The 2 big fish are in the cube with 18"-24" of water. The sump area is full to the brim, that’s what overflowed. No pumps or lights are running. I don’t think powering up the outlets will help yet, I don’t think the plumbing is connected anyways.

Best status I can give. The plants are probably the most imminent risk of dying, is there something we can do or are you going to be there soon to address it?