Anyone ever make a rubber stamp with cnc?

been having thoughts on packaging and whatnot and i figured it should be pretty easy with like a v carve

seen a couple videos of it being done so i know its possible, just wondering if anyone has any direct experience / protips

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lasering is much easier

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Here is a discussion of a recent related thread on on the lasers

awesome, i shouldve searched first


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I’ve done a couple of tests on this material and it worked well. No pictures to show as I saw something bright and shiny and got distracted, so I haven’t completed a stamp yet. :slight_smile:

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A prior discussion was lasering acrylic to make rigid leather stamps

A rubber stamp is similar- you just need laserable rubber. They make wood blocks with laserable rubber already glued onto them.

For the most part, you can just do straight walls and it should work “ok”.

Commercial rubber stamps bevel the edges though, which makes the stamp more durable and ink more evenly. Blue laser actually has a “rubber stamp mode” that will take a black and white graphic and add a gradient around it to burn a bevel.

However, this beveling is not so straightforward in Tarkin/Dorian because Lightburn doesn’t have this function. You’d need to use a graphic editing tool to somehow make a gradient sloping away from the stamp features and burn as grayscale. But, like I say- straight wall is simple and should do fine without that.