All About Wood Glue - Titebond Talk

We all use glue to assemble our projects but we don’t know a lot about glue.

Asmbly Makerspace and Austin School of Furniture have joined forces to bring us some free education on gluing. Bob Behnke of Titebond is a preeminent glue expert and will be in Austin on September 9th. He’ll be presenting at Asmbly and, while he’s primarily educating, he’ll be providing samples of Titebond product.

What you’ll learn will include answers to questions such as these:

What’s the nature of various wood glues and how do they work?How do characteristic such as density, pitch, moisture, etc affect gluing?
What’s should I do differently when gluing end grain versus face grain?How do I handle glue gaps and clamping for for different joinery techniques?What are good gluing guidelines: temperature, clamp time & pressure, etc?

Learn best practices to use for good gluing results.

Get answers to those questions that have long bothered you.

The session will be held at Asmbly from 4:00-6:00, Sept 9th
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Pizza and drinks will be available starting at 3:30. After the presentation, if anybody wants a tour of Asmbly then Asmbly members will be available. Hope to see you there!


Great opportunity! Thanks Titebond and ASMBLY!

Fantastic! Thanks for organizing this, and I would much enjoy similar classes on finishing etc.

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We talked with a few companies that sell finishes at TWF. Walrus Oil and Real Milk Paint were especially friendly and seemed like they’d be interested in partnering on things.


Please pass the info on, this event is open to all.

We’ll have some social media posts about it later today for anyone that’s into that and wants to share it that way :slight_smile:

Osmo rep was super helpful with my finishing questions, too, gave me his card for follow-up questions.


That’s awesome! Can you send the info to @Jordanva2? I forget which company I was talking to, but whoever it was perked up quickly when I mentioned that we don’t quite have a finishing room, but have space that could become that if we get a complete proposal from members on it. They said they’d love to help us out if we get something set up (I want to say it was probably the Walrus oil folks, they were especially friendly and Mr Walrus himself was there :joy:).

This looks really neat, thanks for putting it together.

sent!!! you get extra exclamations because apparently a post must be at least 6 characters.

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@lukeg :rofl: I’ve totally hit the same limitation on here!!!

Looking at getting babysitter so the hubs can come to this with me!

I just started following Austin School of Furniture on ig and they haven’t posted anything about the event. If we have a contact there maybe a prompt would help. @valerie

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Yay, hope you can make it @Mollie! I was just asking @jamesfreeman about what co-sponsoring means for this event. He’s working on getting more details there.

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Is the entire shop intentionally blocked during the Titebond talk?

Yes the entire shop is blocked. The event is also serving as an open house for Asmbly.

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Remember this is today!

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When does the shop open back up? This post says the presentation will end at 6 but all benches are booked until 8 on Skedda. Does the shop need to be closed for the open house portion from 6 to 8?

The shop is closed until 8p to leave plenty of time for open house and clean up. It’s possible it opens sooner but no guarantees before 8p.

Also, the talk just started and will be going for a while. Plenty of time to join and lots of pizza and glue!

This was an absolutely brilliant event! Bob was incredibly knowledgeable, very engaging, and a wonderful speaker. I leaned so much much tonight—things that can be immediately applied and information that has prepared me for future projects. Thank you Bob and the Asmbly team for putting on this first class event. And we had a large crowd of new and potential members.


A really great session. I learned a lot!

A tiny thing I learned in chatting with Bob afterwards - Titebond 2 can be used to effectively glue wood to metal!