After Workday Help #3 Clean & prep craft loft

We’re relocating banker box storage to what is currently the craft loft. We’ll need to move some of the shelves from the current banker box storage loft (above red laser) and do some general tidying/cleaning to prepare the space. I imagine there probably won’t be space for anything other than banker boxes, so anything else currently up there will need a new home (see After Workday Help #2 Move sewing machine).

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I have some stuff up there I will move this evening! Thanks :slight_smile:

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There is also some electronics stuff up there from a donation pending review from @buzmeg to determine what gets kept.

Yah we are not talking about the “paid for storage side” just what’s on the other side which is above the machine shop.


@valerie Where is the stuff and when does it need to be reviewed by?

@dash3811 would know specifically where it is. All I was told was that it is in the craft loft (loft above machine shop/Tormach).

We’d like to keep the forward momentum going on the things we started from the workday. Getting the workshop sealed off so dust is contained is dependent on the current bankers box loft (above red laser) and corresponding stairs going away so we can finish wall construction and mount doors. If you are able to get to it in the next week or two, that would be great. Worst case scenario, we’ll move it to the table outside electronics room temporarily.

Thanks for clarifying that @EricP!