2x2 ASMBLY Maker Competition

Join us for 2X2W

Participants will go home with a 2x2 piece of plywood and return with a masterpiece showcasing the skills and equipment from are lovely makerspace.

The only rule is it must be able to hang on the wall of the Multi-Purpose Room

You can compete as an individual or a team

All submissions must be in by October 1st

Sign up sheet and 2x2 blanks are in the MPR

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 1.55.02 PM


Video instructions on our Instagram account here ^

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I signed up and took the last 2z2. You might want to restock more 2x2 blanks.


Boards have been restocked, excited to see what everyone is coming up with!


When our 2x2s are done, where can we submit them and hang them for others to see at ASMBLY?

I think we can do French cleats in the MPR on the back wall (where the computers used to be) for them, that way it’s easy to rearrange them and mix them up from time to time. Probably a good idea to have some side stoppers on the edges of the cleats to prevent them from sliding side to side too much.

Anyone able to help make a batch of these?

@valerie, Has any more been discussed about mounting the 2x2s.

I was anticipating installing framing wire on the back of mine.


@bwatt no, haven’t gotten any takers on helping with french cleats. Hanging wire works but makes it harder to have any sort of consistency in the way they hang, so if we go that route we’d have to be very intentional on where hooks are for them in the wall so they don’t look like almost aligned but not quite.

I’ll be around for the Titebond Talk tomorrow and can see what materials we have on hand for making cleats and also double check how many entries we have so we can get a better idea of how they will space out.

I’ve been thinking about how to hang our mini-gallery of 2x2s. And have found the following:
https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?rs=ac&len=2&q=picture%20hanging%20systems%20diy&eq=picture%20hanging%20systems&etslf=11039. Instead of french cleats most of these use a ceiling mounted strip with individual hanging wires down to one or more the hung items. I think this is a better approach than french cleats IMHO.


Oh yeah that should work easily and make it really flexible for arranging. We’ll just want to stay mindful of weights. @bwatt would you be able to make a list of the items we’d need to purchase for this with where to purchase them?

Yes, a picture rail! it’s a classic option for a reason


While the Titebond Talk was going I measured the MPR. The back wall space as your enter the room goes on the left from the 3D Printer divider to the right room corner for 20’ 10 3/4". The freebee, and the lost and found shelves take up 43" of space next to the divider. There is a vertical beam in the front corner taking up 5". In other words, this extra stuff takes up 48" of the back wall space. Therefore we have 16’ 10 3/4" of free space. So let’s just call it 16’ of picture hanging space.

  1. I would propose buying a 4 Pack of 48" T-Track Rails that are 3/4" wide (Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Woodworking-Aluminum-Universal-T-Tracks-Predrilled/dp/B0C3ZD8NPW/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=DO9pi&content-id=amzn1.sym.5f7e0a27-49c0-47d3-80b2-fd9271d863ca%3Aamzn1.symc.e5c80209-769f-4ade-a325-2eaec14b8e0e&pf_rd_p=5f7e0a27-49c0-47d3-80b2-fd9271d863ca&pf_rd_r=WMCJM008FV37NR8GJF96&pd_rd_wg=d5Hi7&pd_rd_r=25e71e85-0cd8-4f95-ae66-b0f8e272a99e&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mr_hp_atf_m&th=1 $43.99)
  2. Next I would edge mount the Rails onto two 1" x 2" x 8’ clear pine (HomeDepot https://www.homedepot.com/p/1-in-x-2-in-x-8-ft-Select-Kiln-Dried-Square-Edge-Common-Softwood-Whitewood-Board-418532/203450502 $7.68 x 2 and using misc screws $0.00).
  3. Then using a laser level and a joist sensor I’ll mount the two 8’ Rail Assemblies along the ceiling edge into joists (using misc screws $0.00).
  4. Next I’ll 3D Print in Clear PETG ten T-Slot Adapters which fit into the T-Slot Rails (I already have the clear PETG $0.00). Note: There are nine people or teams signed up for the 2x2 challenge project.
  5. Each Adapter has a 10’ length of PETG filament attached to it (ditto $0.00).
  6. Similarly I’ll 3D Print ten Filament Hooks, slide them onto the filament and screw them tight with 3mm hex screws (ditto $0.00).

See pictures.

Each Picture to be hung requires their own picture hanging wire or mounting bracket and will hook onto the Filament Hook. If mounting brackets are used I might need to create different Filament Hooks design for them. The pictures height is adjusted by loosening the 3mm screws, moving the Filament Hooks up or down, and retightening them.

P.S. After the 2x2 Challenge Project is over and the work is taken down we should consider re-using the picture hanging system by displaying large poster-sized (24" x 36") framed photographs of our members working in the shop, similar to the carousel of photos on the front page of our website (see https://asmbly.org/).

@valerie What do you think?

Adapter, Hook and Filament (temporary White PLA Filament)

T-Slot Adapter and Clear PETG Filament (filament top melted to prevent pull through)

Filament Hook and Clear PETG Filament (Clear Filament should blend into the wall. Filament is presently on a reel and may be permanently curled)

T-Slot Adapter CAD (Center Hole for Filament)

Filament Hook CAD (Center Hole for Filament, Side Holes for two 3 mm Tightening Screws)

I don’t think I knew there was a signup for the competition. Where could I find that?

:point_up:t3:you are number one! :pray:t2::100:

I actually checked the list for your email address today! It’s on the markerboard that makes up the side wall of the 3D printing lab, under a magnet! DM me your email and I will add you to our chat. :slight_smile:

Here is the signup list on from the MPR Whiteboard (I took the picture yesterday 9/9/2023 about 6 PM)

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I know of at least 2 entries that are using the 2x2 but will not be 2x2 when completed. Perhaps a picture rail or overflow area for these and others?

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@bwatt this picture rail plan sounds great! Any idea what kind of weight capacity these hook and filament hangers would hold for each project? I ordered the 4 pack of 48" rails you linked – expected delivery Tues 9/12, they will have your name on it. I’m not sure if anyone has a Home Depot run scheduled anytime soon (the long 1x2s in the MPR right now are being used this week for signs). If you are able to grab those, we can reimburse you for them. If you want to enlist any help on this, please don’t hesitate to post in the Volunteers Needed category!

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