Z-Sensor or User Failure

Hey - has anyone else had problems with the z-sensor recently? the last couple of times I would hit the button to probe z (or whatever its called) and it would just very very slowly move up and then generate an error. Other times when it seems to work it doesn’t seem to actually set Z to 0. After zeroing everything I press go and get errors and notice that Z was not set when probing… any thoughts? Am I doing something wrong?

The probe is radio connected to the usb antenna on the back of the computer kiosk. Sometimes the radio loses connection with the probe. If that happens. unplug the usb and replug it. I think the error you are experiencing is the spring inside the probe has gotten weak. I will grab it today and take a look at it.

Matt- I’ll take a look. It’s pretty certain this is a configuration prob, likely created by the Fusion360 postprocessor issuing an aberrant g-code command that should not be there. It happened once before, I found the parameter and added to the LinuxCNC system boot would clear that parameter as a matter of course. It could be that same parameter being set incorrectly in g-code (the machine will not clear it between runs, only when LinuxCNC is restarted), or it may be another parameter.

Joe- the z-probe is not connected to USB is any way. It’s the black box connected to the FGPA card. The USB antenna is only for the wireless MPG pendant.

ok, apologies - do you know how I could stop F360 gcode doing that in the future?

Since I don’t know what’s going on, I wouldn’t be able to say.

When we used it tonight, the probe worked just fine. That’s after a reboot of LinuxCNC. So that would tend to direct us to a problem with a modal command at the top of your g-code you loaded that session, not something persistent on the machine from another user.

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I didn’t realize that you were using F360

Doesn’t seem like there is much love at all F360. For the record I did try doing the project on Aspire first.

EDIT: As I suspected it was “User Failure” good to know, still learning.

I think Fusion is awesome.

I’m fairly certain this is from a g-code file you ran after starting LinuxCNC. So, if you narrow it down to which one triggers the prob, send me the g-code and I’ll be able to figure out what the code is doing