Workshop Usage and Signup

I’m confused. I got to the shop at 9pm tonight. Checking the schedule, the RED and Blue lasers were the only thing scheduled. The back parking is full and there are two cars in the front. The workshop has 7-10 people in it (sorry I didn’t get a exact count - but since February it’s the most people I’ve seen in the shop). When I left at 10 because Big Red is down, there were still a lot of people in the shop. Many more than the 0 (zero) people signed up and many more then the three people allowed to signup. This week several times when I finished on a laser I had a job I wanted to do work in the shop but with the scheduling, I would have had to leave and come back in an hour to be able to get a slot in the shop. I can’t wait in the shop, so I went home instead.

So its not acceptable to more the 3 people signup for the shop during the week but Sunday night - signups are optional and numbers don’t matter?

Also the garage door was wide open and the temperature in the vinyl cutter area was 64 F and the shop was 61 F.

Hey Harlan, I think you may have run into the cutting board class that was going on Sunday night. There was a mix up with the scheduling of the class so they ended up being there at a different time than expected. We’ve been having up to 4 students in classes (plus the teacher), I think last night there may have been an additional person who was in another person attending’s household (therefore able to stay in each other’s bubble and not require additional distancing). If there were additional people outside the class that were not scheduled that’s another thing to address (best process is to email or, but I have a feeling this class is what you were seeing last night.

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Someone was welding outside (not my group) I believe that’s why the doors were open to The auto bay. I agree it was very cold. It was partially our class that you ran into. It was scheduled for a different time then the invitations went out for. I was unable to cancel the original appointment at 5 PM as I was not the one that made it. I was also unable to schedule the whole class for the correct time, but I scheduled myself for one of the slots. We tried to work around the other people and keep the group on one machine at a time. This did slow us down a bit and we ran over the time I had scheduled for myself. They are trying to work on Skedda to make it more user-friendly for events like this. There were four in my group in addition to myself. I also tried to cancel the time on the laser to open it up to other people but did not have privileges to do so. I agree at 5o’clock there was no one else scheduled for the rest of the night. I ran into someone who said all the slots were full and told them I didn’t see anyone scheduled. I then saw a couple of people pop up after that on the schedule. I believe there was some equipment maintenance going on as well. When one problem occurs, it tends to cause new problems and things tend to snowball. I think this was an outlier situation. I apologize for my part of the confusion.