Workshop organization

I printed up a bunch of French cleat organizers for the screwdrivers and hex keys and whatnot.

Assembled a few had to catch my flight so the rest is an inviting layout on the shop table. To complete:

  • Assemble all the vertical ribs on the middle crossbar
  • Push the feet through the back first and wrangle it on;
  • work from one end ti the other and hang each rib off the edge of the table for best whacking accèss
  • for the lid put the birch piece all the way down using.a 12mm nut driver to help seat it, then carefully do the melamine top.
    To take them from useful to awesome, please purchase a stack of the 60x30x10mm magnets from Amazon and affix them to the middle crossbar (no magnet is wanted or needed for the hex caddies). The adhesive that it comes with should suffice I think, probably don’t need the ones with screw holes. The outside ones have a portal to allow sliding the magnet in (center compartments will clear 60mm). The stub screwdrivers will be annoying because if the geometry of French cleats but a magnet under the top should fix that.

I’ll get the illustrator file posted for your use.