(Working well enough) - Planer

Height adjustment handle missing woodruff key. Can’t adjust height.

Woodruff key is missing from handle. Ordered a new one. Will be here late next week probably.

We should be able to source a key locally.

You sure can, is called Vise Grip pliers! who needs woodruff keys? As you can see, probably the floor or the trash can needed it more than the planer (cant blame the dust collector).

Will work as is , as long as the handle is on tightly.

Is it then possible to somehow adjust the height on the planer or do we need to wait until the new key has arrived?

I know American bolt has key stock available. What size do we need? I keep some in stock

Joe is supposed to be 4 X 4 X 10 mm. Part #6292681, key (is oval not rectangle).

Good to know the size. Turns out there is a woodruff key set in the stewards closet

It will adjust

Thank you Shane!