Workday Project List

Here is a link to the project list for this Saturday.
We have a lot of electrical work to do, so if you have that expertise, bring your tools.
A little bit of plumbing (water filter install), so if that’s in your skill set, bring your tools.
James Fett will be there to tune up the jointer and planer.
Lots of cast iron to refresh, so bring your elbow grease.
If you are good at organizing, please speak up. Stewards Closet needs organizing.
Some carpentry projects are on the list.
Tons of cleaning to do.
If you have tasks that you would suggest be added, reply here.

Workdaaaaay TOMORROW

@cfstaley brings in a delicious coffee and last time I only got like a tiny bit so maybe he’ll bring more hint hint but we have a big day planned - if you aren’t able to help with something on the worklist I also have online-related projects so come one come all.

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