Workday next saturday! 3/30 9am - 5pm

Hi Makers!

Our space wide workday is fast approaching. The space will be shut down next Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Please join us for a few hours Saturday and invest some time to improve and maintain the space so it can stay running and ready for all you projects!

We will have pizza and drinks provided. So come grab a slice and hang out with your fellow makers!

We will have projects for all skill levels available! From electrical projects, 3d printing projects, organization, cleaning, machine maintenance, painting and more.

Mark your calendars for Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you all!


Wow! Wow! Wow!

Thanks to all who came out to help with the first Workday of 2024! With your help we managed to complete 24 of 29 assigned tasks! And of the tasks not completed, significant progress was made towards completion. Many tasks not on the official list were also proposed and completed. Our staff and shop space leads did a great job of determining what needed to be done and making sure we had the necessary materials and tools ready.

Breakfast tacos from Ken’s Tacos were enjoyed to start the day. Lots of comments on how large they were, as well as good! For lunch we had a large variety of Pizza Hut pizzas and sodas from the vending machine.

Some of the day’s highlights include:


  • Dust collector filter being completely cleaned out. The trash can underneath was rebuilt so the bolts no longer will tear the bags inside. Shelf installed in back to hold plastic trash can bags.
  • Large CNC dust collector was rebuilt. Filter now has proper seal at the bottom. Triple tube dust collection lid was replaced with a clear plexiglass lid like the jointer and planer have. Will result in less clogging and users can clearly see when it needs to be emptied. Vacuum pipes now have shorter screws protruding inside to reduce the chance of material snagging.
  • New touchscreen computer installed for Large CNC.
  • Portable vacuums cleaned up, and plastic cans replaced with metal cans to prolong life.
  • Bandsaws now have automatic dust collection gates installed. No need to turn vacuum on and off manually.
  • Large belts for belt sander power washed clean.
  • All large equipment enclosures vacuumed out.
  • Automatic gate controls for the dust collection system inspected and new lock-out boxes installed to prevent people from tampering with them.
  • Stewards closet organization greatly improved.
  • Tool wall cleaned up.
  • Burned out ceiling light over small CNC replaced.


  • All honey comb inserts removed and cleaned.
  • All beds vacuumed out.
  • Chillers cleaned.
  • Exhaust ports on lasers cleaned.

3D Printing

  • Case reinforced with cross supports at all the legs to reduce movement of enclosure during prints.
  • Bright interior light added.
  • Resin area cleaned up even more.


  • All items on shelves cleaned up and dusted.
  • Equipment cleaned and dusted out with compressed air and brushes.


  • Unused donations and equipment deemed unneeded scrapped.


  • Thorough cleaning of machines.
  • Scrapped unusable wood piled up in corner.

Metal Shop

  • Burned out ceiling light replaced.
  • Floors mopped.
  • Horizontal Band Saw cleaned up. There are actual labels on it regarding operation that can now be read!
  • Air hose drop routed to abrasive cabinet.

General Space Improvements

  • Multipurpose Room is being completely repainted.
  • Front door closure regulator replaced so it no longer slams shut.

New 2 ft x 2 ft LED lights will be replacing the 4 ft fluorescent lights in the shop. Expect MUCH better lighting as a result.

Asmbly is only able to prosper due to the tireless efforts of the membership volunteering their time to take care of the space. Thanks to all who came out to help and to those of you who do what they can to make the space useable for all every day.


What an incredible work day success and AWESOME recap! Way to go everyone and thank you for your leadership @Snestle ! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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