Work Buddies?

I have a problem with motivation y’all! I can’t be the only one. Would anyone be interested in an Asmbly partnership where we try to meet regularly to hold each other accountable? We could be working in totally different spaces, even. My Sundays are free!


I like this idea and have partnered so far with several people on some joint projects (@Branislav, @tomthm and @stepho) and it’s been so much fun to meet them, work closely with them, and get something done together, but I’ve not done it on a consistent basis. I really like the one-on-one joint project approach.

Then there was the 2x2 community challenge originated by @ashleyrlee to all our makers. And although we all started from the same square of plywood and the only rule was it had to hang on the wall, oh my gosh from there everyone developed so many unique and lovely things. Not exactly a partnership but a group-goal-ship.


Sure, I’d be down for something like that! :smiley: I have a problem just picking a project and actually sticking to it, so something like this sounds perfect for me.