Woodworking Happy Hour with Matt Kenney

This meetup is a recurring event but it’s not often there’s a special guest: Matt Kenney

His name doesn’t ring a bell? Here’s why I know him:

Starts at 5:30 on Thursday, Dec 8 at Hopsquad Brewing (2307 Kramer Ln).

Below is an example of a simple box I made from a design in his book.


My bad luck, I am out of town! Love the idea though. I’ll be at the next one

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Thanks for sharing @TravisGood!

Somewhere along the way, I unsubscribed from Shaper’s email list, and now I can’t reverse that and get them to send me any emails of any kind.

Is that masterclass email you sign up for something you could share? I assume it’s a free class given it just asks for my email?

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Update: it was a good gathering of woodworkers with as many as 15 people in attendance.