Woodworker needed for project


I am looking to have the components of the frame of an umbrella crafted out of wood (all pieces except the fabric canopy) with brass fasteners. The diameter is 32 inches. I would like to use bamboo, if possible. Are there any craftsmen able to help me create this?

I look forward to hearing from you.



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I would reach out to Charles @CLeininger charles@elementalwoodworks.com

Welcome to the community Jessica. Maybe if you provide a little more information about your project you would have more interest. Such as: do you already have a plan or it has to be designed? Where is the bamboo coming from (lumberyard or your backyard)? Are you willing to compensate for the help? Is an intricate but basic mechanism and is tedious as far as measurements go but challenging. Good luck and show us a photo of the finished project!

Thank you!

Hi Jose,

Thanks for the advice. Some additional details. Yes, I will compensate for the job. The bamboo will come from a lumber yard. It needs to be designed. I have been talking with a couple designers/engineers, but if whoever is interested in the job can also design, Iā€™d be open to that service as well. Feel free to ask any additional questions and reach out to me at jlloyd@jessicawolfnewyork.com.

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