Woodturning Class?


I’m new to asmbly and I’m very interested in turning pens. I just took a class at Woodcraft and made my first pen! I was wondering if any wood-turning classes are on the horizon (none are on the schedule at the moment) so that I can use the wood lathe in the shop?

Thanks for pointing this out! We try to stay on top of the schedule but sometimes miss this. @CLeininger you have some dates for upcoming turning classes we can add?

Thanks for the reminder to get this on the calendar! I submitted a class request for Intro to Wood Lathe, including one for this Saturday at 9am in case you are available.

Added the one for this Saturday real quick. You can find it here

Thanks! @ksavietta There’s a spot available this Saturday if you want to grab it.

Thank you so much, Valerie and Charles! I’m available this Saturday and I just signed up.

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