Woodshop Tables - Questionnaire

We’re evaluating the space and layout in the woodshop. Right now, we have 6 tables that are 48" x 96" (4x8 feet). These are great for projects and spreading out, but not great when a couple of tables are taken by glue ups, CNC stuff or Tormach stuff, and then all of the Woodshop Skedda slots book out.

Attached is a questionnaire that we are asking you to fill out, if you want to provide input on a new layout.
We do not have room for any more tables, IF the tables stay the same size.
We do not have to replace each and every table.

Here is the questionnaire. Thanks for your participation!

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I’m having a hard time answering the questionaire. I can’t speak to how many overall tables do we need, or their features. Instead as a user of the CNC and someone who takes over the end of one workshop table (half the table approx. 48x48) while using the CNC, I would recommend a separate CNC table with power for a laptop. We already have a small taller table to the side of the CNC (approx. 24x36), but it’s not big enough for me and my stuff so I spread out onto a workshop table.

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Thanks. Good question.
We are planning on a separate table for CNC. There has been some discussion on what is a good size for that. One of the MFT tables is there for now, but temporarily. For the CNC question, what would you want? Does something like the MFT size fit the bill? That can’t replace using one of the larger shop takes to hold a stack of sheet goods, but the tooling, setup stuff and laptop should fit on the side table.

The questionnaire is aimed at the Woodshop. We do expect CNC to fill a table on occasion, as mentioned. And the Tormach will eventually have a small work table as well.

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I had the same issue and bailed out at that question. Would you consider making that question optional?

Sure - done.

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I think a torsuon box table would be great as an assembly/ glue up table.

Yes similar to a table, but with the advantage of edge clamping. Ive also seen great videos of people using cam style locks that fit in the holes to clamp glue ups together.


This would also address my main concern of smaller tables, which is keeping tools and materials close at hand without cluttering the work area. Could use the shelf below to stash things.

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I would hope that the org is not suggesting doing away with the large table format, all together. There will be a need for large tables for projects. In fact I will be needing just such a table for an upcoming project. It will not require prolonged use, but I will need to have 4×8 flat surface.

Small tables will hamstring to shop space, limiting projects. If you want to offer a fully capable woodshop, then I would recommend holding onto at least two but preferably four large tables.

If you just want small, “tab A” in “Slot B” projects, then I guess do what you feel like doing.

I do admit that I don’t use the space as much as others, it is a twenty mile drive each way for me. However, as a dues paying member for over five years I hope that y’all will at least consider the suggestion.

I hope that I have not ruffled any feathers. It is not my intent to bring friction. Just maybe a little experience/wisdom

Peace, Wolf