Woodshop Mentor Series

I am excited to announce that my new Woodshop Mentor Series starts this Thursday, April 28th! Each week I will assist students with their woodworking projects. The scope of each class session is really up to each student’s needs. We can focus on everything from the overall design and build down to very specific techniques and details. All skill levels are welcome. Student can come for a single session or continue returning each week until their project is done or they no longer need my help.

Please message me on Discourse or email me directly at charles@elementalwoodworks.com to be added to the registration list.

-Charles Leininger

Full class description:

Have a project you need help with designing and/or building? Want to learn or refine a woodworking technique? Bought a tool that you’re not quite sure how to use? The Woodshop Mentor Series, taught by Asmbly shop steward and professional woodworker, Charles Leininger, is a project based class designed to help woodworkers of all experience levels create their next woodworking project.

Each week, students will receive hands-on training and advice on their own project build. Each student will determine what they need help with most. This could be something as specific as how to best join together table parts, or as broad as taking a project from initial design all the way to completion. Students will be able to return each week until either their project is complete or they no longer need assistance.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have advanced woodworking skills, students of all experience levels are welcome. In addition to direct instruction from Charles, students will have the opportunity to learn from each other during discussions about each other’s projects.

As with all classes taught at Asmbly, safety is paramount. Instruction during the Woodshop Mentor Series will emphasize safe and proper tool usage. It is required that each student has taken the Woodshop Safety Class. Students may contact Charles about auditing his regular woodshop safety class if they would like a refresher before joining the Woodshop Mentor Series.

Class fee: $100 per session