Woodshop is a mess

Planer is covered with shavings, including floor around it Floor is a mess around worktables. Sawstop was left on.

Planer was completely clogged as well when I came in at 16:00 today. I cleaned it out with the vacuum but it may require disassembly. It stopped spitting stuff back out put it didn’t seem as sucky as usual.

I helped unclog it about 4PM. It must have James up again.

Portable dusty collector was clogged yesterday as well. I’ll disassemble the planer today. And I’m changing the filter on the portable dust collector, as well as adding a bag.

Thank you, Charlie

There are many reasons that the shop gets left in such disarray, sadly it happens more often than one would think. I have not been in the space in a very long time, but I am shifting priorities to change that, very soon.

Back when I was more of a fixture, in the Space, I would usually have to clean up after folks, and as a rule I would make the effort to dump out at least a couple of trash cans, since they are often neglected.

Peace, Wolf