Woodshop Changes - Sanding Area / Woodshop Class Changes

We have lots of upcoming changes in the woodshop. There is a lot of important information here so PLEASE READ.

Sanding Area changes:
The new sanding area will soon open up and new tools are coming on line. Please read this for important details on the sanding area and other Woodshop tools.

The new sanding area will include:

  • Delta 31-484 Tilting Oscillating Spindle Sander
  • Powermatic 31A Combination Belt / Disk Sander
  • South Bend SB1097 Edge Sander
  • Grizzly Downdraft Sanding Table

Not located in the sanding area, but part of the power sanding program are:

  • Supermax 25-50 Drum Sander
  • Powermatic WB-37 Wide Belt Sander

An Advanced Sanding Class will be offered soon. This class will cover all of the powered sanding equipment listed above.

Asmbly will provide some basic abrasive belts, disks and spindles. (Still not for the Supermax Drum). A donation QR code will be placed around the sanding areas. Please contribute if you use the sanders, especially if you burn through one. Asmbly will provide cleaning sticks so that it is easier to maintain the abrasives.

If you do NOT take the Advanced Sanding Class, only 2 of these tools will be available to you:

  • Powermatic Combination Belt / Disk sander
  • Grizzly Downdraft Sanding Table (still use portable dust collection attached to sander)

(We strongly recommend that you take the Advanced Sanding class if you want to use these tools. They are very different from, and far more powerful than our original benchtop combo sander and spindle sander.)

You MUST take the Advanced Sanding class to use:

  • Powermatic Wide Belt Sander
  • South Bend Edge sander
  • Supermax Drum Sander
  • Delta Tilting Oscillating Spindle Sander

We included the drum sander in the Advanced Sanding Class because it does not get covered heavily in Woodshop Safety, and people continue to destroy the conveyor belt and sandpaper.
If you are already comfortable using the drum sander, you may continue to do so. However, we strongly encourage you to take the Advanced Sanding class. Taking the Advanced Sanding class will open up a whole new world of surface preparation to you.


The sanding area is almost ready. Since it is not ready, no one should be using any of the sanding equipment by the dust collector, or the large belt sander. This week, we are starting training for instructors on this equipment. Classes for members will start in another week or two. Instructors and stewards will be running the equipment, learning and becoming familiar with it.

The Delta Oscillating Spindle Sander will require taking the class to use. The tool is not intuitive, and can be damaged if spindles are not installed properly.

The only sanding tools that will not require the class are the Belt / Disc Combo and the downdraft sanding table. Once the area is powered on full time, you may use these pieces of equipment.


Classes for Advanced Sanding are starting up.
This class is required to use most of the sanding equipment.
Classes start on Sunday, April 9.
There will be 4 classes a week for the first two weeks, then three classes a week.
We will evaluate how full the classes are and see what schedule we keep moving forward. We do have several instructors, so instructor availability will not be an issue.


Here is an example of what the Wide Belt Sander is capable of - the material is from the scrap cart and is most likely from a pallet. All I did was set up the machine and run it through three times. Each time with the press of a button the sander removed 0.005".