Wood shavings go in the dumpster

Two problems here:
Moving jointer/ planer shavings to a trash can creates an unnecessary dust plume.
Then leaving the trash can for someone else is leaving your mess for someone else.

Empty the jointer and planer cans in the dumpster when you are done. Do not leave your mess for someone else.


Please please be respectful and clean up after yourself. This is the pile of dust I swept this morning from around the wood shop power tools.

The planer bin at 1/2 full should be emptied by this point and the dust collector bag was 3/4 full…it was very heavy with fine dust.

And massive thank you & congratulations to whom ever emptied the CNC dust collector :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Maybe some clarification is in order. When I took the Woodshop Safety Course, we were told the jointer/planer shavings were to be transferred from the metal cans to a plastic bin with rollers and to empty that bin in the dumpster outside. That’s what I’ve always done, always trying to prevent as much dust as possible from escaping when transferring the shavings to the plastic bin. Inevitably some dust does escape though.

Carrying the metal trash cans to the dumpster without the rollers may be a bit more difficult. But if that is the preferred procedure, so be it.

Would appreciate someone’s clarification.

Preferred method is straight into the dumpster. When you dump into a trash can, you get a dust plume. Consolidating the jointer and planer cans into one, when neither are full, has been done, though you do get that dust plume. The shavings don’t weigh much, but you can also put one of the cans inside of a trash can, if you want wheels.

Emptying the dust collector bag into a trashcan is simply a hard no.

The true offense is not emptying the containers at all, or leaving the shavings for someone else.

Thanks for the clarification. I never do empty the dust bag from the dust collector into a plastic bin. I take the plastic bag and empty it directly in the dumpster. It’s the metal cans that I used to consolidate into a bin to roll it out to the dumpster but, based on this, I will now take the metal cans directly out to the dumpster.

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