Wood Carving Class?

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone who knows wood carving would be willing to have a class on the basics? I have a few carving projects planned but I don’t know where to start.



I know @doug.squires is into woodcarving

Oops! I almost missed this somehow.

I am a Very amateur woodcarver… but I’m happy to have a meetup and discuss my process and tools, woods… Actually - I guess it varies depending on the wood. Hardwoods - I often use a bandsaw and a dremel wood carving bit to rough things out before using a knife. Getting knives and gouges razor sharp is also very helpful… despite everyone always telling me that “sharpening is easy!” - it personally took me a long time to get an edge I was happy with.

Anyway - if anyone is interested in meeting up I’d do it - heck I’d even do a regular meetup… it would keep me motivated. :slight_smile:


I’d really appreciate any pointer I can get. I have piece of walnut that I am looking at carving an image into as a gift for a friend. Not sure where to start. I’m willing to do a meetup sometime if you’re free.