Wood Bandsaw Breakers

As part of the shop wiring upgrade, I rewired the power for the Jet and Rikon bandsaws, the drill press, and the drum sander last Friday.

Now, as best I can tell, it seems that maybe the Rikon has tripped its breaker occasionally? What muddies the waters is that, instead of resetting the breaker, someone plugged it into the outlet for the Jet instead, and maybe tripped it too. I suspect I know what the issue is, but I can’t be sure what happened because of that confusion, plus no one reported it.

So, first, if one of those four machines doesn’t have power, check the breakers; they are clearly labeled in the box marked L3 between the Grizzly bandsaw and the drill press. (The Rikon is on one breaker, the drum sander is on another, and the Jet and drill press share another.) Then please send me or the general workshop a message about what happened and what you were doing when it tripped.

Second, if an outlet is labeled for specific machines, please do not start plugging them in elsewhere. The wiring and breakers are matched to the machines; you may cause additional problems if you mismatch them.


Thank you for doing an awesome job!!!

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