Wishlist items at auction

I follow pharmaceutical auctions for cheap lab equipment, and there’s an auction next week from a pharma company completely shutting down up in St. Louis. They have a number of the machine shop wishlist items up for auction, including a couple nice looking lathes, a fume extractor, a miller syncrowave 200, and a sheet metal brake. They all seem to be in good condition, probably just used for maintenance tasks at the company. There might be some good deals to be had, since most people following pharma auctions aren’t looking to buy machine shop equipment. Rigging and freight shipping would obviously have to be factored in, but it might be worth the trouble.

Acer Lathe
Clausing Colchester Lathe
Fume Extractor
Miller Syncrowave 200


Reminder these auctions end tomorrow morning. There hasn’t been much activity on the brake or fume extractor yet, though it looks like one of the lathes and the Miller ended up selling before the auction.

I’d make use of the brake.

Auction terms appear to be basically cash and carry - I’m not enthused about paying a rigging company to pick up, crate, and freight equipment sight-unseen even if it is a shockingly good deal.

If somebody were to handle the logistics in a budget, that might be a different story.