Wireless controller

Alright so it’s my first time to use the cnc after taking the class. I’ve got my notes and a test file to run-
I’m zero-ing out x, y, and z, why can’t I get the wireless controller to move the head (not sure proper term- trying to move the router using the wireless controller)?

Have you turned on the power strip? Or pressed the machine power button in LinuxCNC? Or homed the axes? Those are what I’d check first.

LinuxCNC needs to have the “machine power” button on the screen clicked to get it into a powered state after booting. Neither wireless MPG nor keyboard jogs respond in the unpowered state and most operations on the interface are greyed out.

LinuxCNC needs to be in Manual mode, not MDI mode. They’re just two tabs near the top left of the screen, and by default you’ll have the Manual tab open. However, there are some unusual conditions which can change it over to the MDI tab (such as doing Probe Z and not finding the probe). In which case the wireless MPG will not respond, but you just click on the Manual tab again to go back.

It’s changing the number on the screen but not actually moving it?
MDI not open,
Everything powered on

Hmm, the only thing I can think of is perhaps the e-stop? Make sure it’s reset by twisting and pulling the button to make sure it’s in its extended state. Then double check the machine power. It’s a little orange button in the top left corner of Linux CNC next to the big red x button.

Is the STEP++ scale set to “1”? The movement is very slow and subtle, while the numeric changes in the coordinates is obvious. Press STEP++ to cycle to 10 or 100, as shown on the MPG LCD

Thanks Danny, I’ll check that next time and see if that’s what was up. I just used the desktop to set this time.

If all else fails. If you unseat and reseat the usb antenna behind the monitor. It will help find the controller