Wifi down at the shop

The wifi appeared to be down while I was at the shop earlier. I didn’t check it on my way out.

What was the symptom?

I can see clients connected to two of three APs and data’s flowing. Not much traffic but it’s up. I’ll reboot the AP with no clients in case it’s gone wonky

…and it’s definitely wonky. Logs stop on the 16th and it won’t reboot remotely.

Until I get in to look into it, wifi should work if you go in the lounge or on the lobby side of the shop.

Yeah, CNC computer wouldn’t connect, and my laptop by the CNC wouldn’t. Didn’t try the lounge while I was there.

well that’s annoying. I forgot the CNC is on wifi.

If you (or anyone) are back in the shop before me – there are three POE power supplies (one for each AP) in the network cabinet in the lounge. I don’t think the power supplies are labelled but there’s no harm in cycling all three if you don’t see the labels on the ethernet cables they’re connected to. Just unplug the power cord from the power supply for a few seconds (I think there’s an LED that’ll go out) then plug them back in.

The one that’s not responding is “workshop west”


Got the balky AP rebooted and it seems to be running - phones are connecting to it and I see traffic flowing again.

The internet run to Red has a dodgy splice in it that I find concerning. Let me know if you have internet trouble on Reds PC