Wide Belt Sander No Power - Resolved

Morning, maybe it’s just me, but I’m not getting any power to the wide belt sander. Is it out of order? I didn’t see any threads saying it was down

Yes it is down. Pneumatic air diaphragm problem. Parts ordered and in. Not sure we have the correct part though. Awaiting answer.

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Thanks for letting me know!

There’s another big sander (drum sander?) in the shop too, right? If I’m remembering correctly, does it have an 18" capacity (36" when flipping to get both sides)?

I’ve got a tabletop I’ve been waiting to sand while the widebelt has been temperamental, but if the other sander is an option, I might watch some YouTube videos on that type of machine and give that a go.

It’s a 25/50; you’ll most likely need to bring your own abrasive.

If you’re used to the wide belt, the big difference with the drum is that it doesn’t manage heat as well. You’ll have to take lighter passes and there’s greater risk of gumming or burning the abrasive. It’ll go more slowly but can get you to the same place eventually.

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Thanks for the info, Jon! I’ll check out that wiki page for it and go from there. I already got the tabletop flat on the CNC, so this should just be a few light passes to get the tool marks out before I hand sand out the belt marks. Hah!

Wide belt sander back in service. A large wire had worked itself loose.